Improv Pyramid

  • Level 1: Agree
  • Level 2: Play it real
  • Level 3: Find a game
  • Level 4: Heighten
art by Caitlin Sacks

Level 1: Agreement

Go with it. Accept the offer. Give your partner what they seem to be expecting. Confirm, restate.

Level 2: Play it Real

Keep the world real. Obey the laws of physics. Say no when a reasonable person would say no.

Level 3: Game

Irony. Unusual Things. Focus on the wrong thing. React more. Speak your mind. Be a fool.

Level 4: Heighten

Make the absurd part bigger. Repeat. Let it spread.

All Together Now

You want to be agreeing on things, all the time. Adjust to keep it real. Look for game/unusual things and heighten them.


Easy! Improv is easy! ALL ART IS EASY!



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Will Hines

Will Hines


Los Angeles, actor, improviser, amateur computer programmer. Born in 1970, largely nice. Founder of